Thinking of getting a bigger bmx

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10/30/2017 9:37 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/30/2017 10:11 PM

Long story short...had a 20" bmx for about a year. Never had the patience or desire to learn tricks, just loved ripping around town and small stuff like airing off curbs and riding down stairs. I loved the acceleration from the small wheels and how simple, nimble and fun the bike was to get around town with. The "mash pedals then coast and repeat while standing" got old/tiring after awhile and since I wasn't into tricks I decided to get rid of it for something more efficient as a commuter. I went through a few geared 700c bikes before realizing I liked single speed which is what I'm riding now. A 700c dawes streetfighter. The bike does everything well enough but it doesn't make me excited to just go out and pedal like the bmx did. None of the bikes did.

So I'm wondering if maybe a a 26" would be enough of what I loved about the 20" while allowing me to sit and pedal and be more efficient getting around town. I don't expect it to be as fast on the roads as the 700c bikes but bike lanes suck here anyway and I'm more of a rip through parking lots and ride through a grass/dirt field kind of guy anyway. So does a 26" sound like the right idea? I've been looking online at whats available. The cult devotion, stolen zeke, fairdale taj, and subrosa salvador all look pretty good. Any thoughts on those? Would love to hear any recommendations or thoughts you guys have. Thanks!

EDIT: I'm 5'8 130 if that matters any.


10/31/2017 3:58 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/31/2017 4:00 PM

Maybe a 24" or a 26", both would be good but really depends... I think the 26" might actually be pretty good if you're just using it to get around town and just jump small little stuff... I think I'd actually be kinda cool...

If you go 24" this would be a great bike

If you go 26" this would be a great bike


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11/2/2017 6:12 PM

Check the Stolen 24 and 26. They both worth a look. A 26 would probably be better if you want to sit and pedal and jump stuff or a 24 with a long seat post and a quick release, which the Stolen bikes both have. The 24 is the Saint XLT and the 26 is the Zeke.


11/2/2017 8:29 PM

I was wrong about the quick release. Saint XLT

Zeke is sick. I want one.

I can't remember who it was that had the quick release seat post clamp. Must have been the Kink.