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TroTh_BMX! TroTh_BMX!
3/1/2014 2:49 PM

I personally would love to get a 24" but why is it better than my 20"

Still Learning BMX

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dkTechEthan dkTechEthan
3/3/2014 9:24 PM

24s tend to be more for trails, dirt jumping and racing, bigger wheels

20's are more for anything really.

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Nightsblood Nightsblood
3/4/2014 5:29 AM

24s are not better than 20s, its just a matter of what you want to ride. I hadnt ridden a 20 in a bunch of years prior to getting my first 24. I felt like a bear on a cats ass riding that litle bike so I changed to a 24. For me, it feels much better and quite a bit more comfortable. You sit a bit higher because the BB is higher and on my current Liquid, I sit further back with a 22.5 top tube. ROOMY! And I cant think of any style of riding you can do on a 20 that you cant replicate on a 24. I flatland on mine, not well but I do. Its just a matter of getting used to the extra size and adapting. After riding a 24 for so many years, I could never ride a 20 again. Feels very strange.

Give a few minutes and the 22" guys will be in here to tell you how awesome those are. But even they feel nicer to me than a 20. Personal preference really.

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Fondue Fondue
3/5/2014 10:29 AM
dkTechEthan wrote:

24s tend to be more for ...more

Everyone riding street and park on their 24 disagrees.

Troth - Basically what Nightsblood said. You can do any kind of riding on a 22" or 24". The bigger wheels make them more stable and they go faster.

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T-rider T-rider
3/26/2014 3:10 PM

Its personal preference, if you are a big guy, or like to ride trails you may like it mroe.



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GTzone720 GTzone720
5/19/2014 5:52 PM

24s are way more forgiving imo. They are pretty mellow and can get up to some decently high speeds, a lot faster than a 20 with a 25/9 GR... That being said I mainly use mine for cruising and getting to work, mine is pretty heavy compared to my 20" but there are some nice 24s out there that weigh as much as the 20s... The only other thing i had to get used to was I'm 5'7 so it felt pretty weird and took a little time to get used to the bike felt s little big at first but its mad chill.

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ghostx720 ghostx720
8/26/2014 10:29 PM

24" forums are dead

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89sandman 89sandman
6/19/2015 6:28 AM

I'd say it depends on your size, a 20 inch bike feels like a kids toy when I'm on it. Knees in the bars, bent over like a giant and I'm only 5'10'. The 26 felt just a little too big but for me the 24 fits me like a 20 did when I was a kid.

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dtgodmage dtgodmage
8/16/2015 11:44 PM

so i just bought a bmx bike for comuteing i tried a 21 inch crusier that looked like a bmx frame at the local shop and it did not feel good to me would going higher work?

i just bought a gt fly for 50 bucks and going down hill its fine but on level ground it's hard to keep going i have the sit risen all that i think my sprocks a 45 and my back hub or what ever is 14 i'm pretty new to bikes last time i rode anything seriously was when i was 10 and quit due to a broken femur

i'm not interested in doing tricks or anything i'm not ruling it out but as of now i just want something around 300 bucks or so used or not but will feel comfy i do not like mountain bikes nor crusiers these 24 inch bmx's look really cool i'm 5-10 170 but even on this gt fly i have enough room for my knees and what not.

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Nightsblood Nightsblood
8/22/2015 3:42 AM

Well Dt, I think the gt fly is a 20" and not a 24" but if im wrong tell me. If what you stated is true your gearing between your front and rear sprocket is not good. You need to locate a bmx gear ratio chart online and find a ratio that works for you. Your best gearing ratio is somewhere in the mid 50s. A 44t sprocket in front with a 16t in back is pretty popular with the 20" guys. I'm riding a 41-18 on my 24". If you change those you might get a better ride performance. Try maybe a 39t in front or a 16t in the rear. That way you only need to change one of your gears.

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