cruiser for kids?

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12/9/2019 4:52 AM

My son is 9 and has about a 26" inseam. He can stand over my Fit PRK just fine and has a 20" kids "BMX" bike from a department store that he's just figured out how to ride. He can't yet ride standing up and wants a bike that he can bomb (grass and asphalt) hills on, ride some dirt, and ride at the pump track. He likes BMX styled bikes but wants to be able to sit on it when he rides so a cruiser immediately came to mind.

Part of the issue here is he wouldn't be able to stand over a 24" or 26" bike. The top tube of my mountain bike is far too high. The other thing is that kid's bikes are generally complete trash. I'd like to put some money into a decent bike that he'll be able to have for a while. I know he'll grow quickly but I feel like he'll be able to better learn on a proper bike. He's really taken to cycling so I'd like to foster that.

While I know cruisers are 24"+ usually, are there any cruiser styled bikes sized for kids? He saw a 29" PK Ripper and absolutely loved the style. He's just too short to be able to fit on one at the moment. Would it make more sense to get a 20" BMX bike and swap the seat out with something that can be sat on?