Opinions on Helmet Laws

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4/14/2013 5:23 AM

I think that it is ridiculous that we should have to wear a helmet for even a simple ride down the street when almost the rest of the world don't have to. I know they protect you and everything but for the average everyday rider is it really necessary? What do you think?


4/15/2013 4:13 AM

there is nothing that pisses me off more then how in my local town it just depends who you are if the cops want to fine you or not. Kids and most young adults cruzing around on our bmxs will get one warning and after that $200 fine even though if we have heaps of bike control and what not yet you see old ladies who look like they have no idea what they are doing and they never wear helmets and never seem to get bothered, then the one that really does my head in is when the town holds a road racing event and you see riders not racing but just riding around the town and they dont get bothered becuase they are in Lycra and on $10,000 bikes. yet since we are in our school uniforms or work gear on our dirty bmxs we get done.
its all pretty fucked if you ask me...


8/27/2013 10:14 PM

Do we legally have to wear a helmet?


8/28/2013 4:38 AM

Yeah in Aus it is compulsory for every one to wear one otherwise in vic it is a $180 fine


9/16/2014 7:17 PM

yeah the laws are pretty shit, the fact that the ignore the people with obviously enough money to buy themselves a helmet if they could go a day without shaving their leghairs, and focus on hitting riders who are wearing school uniforms or work clothes, not overpriced elastic, is just retarded