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tyson123 tyson123
3/6/2011 1:16 AM

got a fit flow street for sale odyssey 41 thermal forks united trinity signuture bars odyssey 41 thermal cranks colony pedals colony grips fly stem colony headset colony seat odssey hazard lite rim with hazard hub 25t 9 t gear ratio just needs a new front rim comes with spares macneil 25t sproket with bash guard unlaced hub with 9t hub needs new bearings salt stem s and m seat pedals 2bd rim with no axle plus metalic pink frame $600 the lot must go as im not riding anymore,40727/my-set-up-for-sale,88755/tyson123,76307

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Mark Webb.Radical. Mark Webb.Radical.
3/6/2011 1:45 AM

Would you split? I'd trade you forks, your Odyssey's for my Twenty Highlanders.

Also, what Odyssey forks are these? CS2's?

Newfags unite.
Keen on my wheelset once i hit 5K :D

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tyson123 tyson123
3/6/2011 1:49 AM

na man i wanna get rid of the whole bike

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bmx_is_rad bmx_is_rad
3/6/2011 9:44 PM

Yeee but we can trade and that way you get lighter forks and someone will buy em and i get forks so i can run a gyro! w00t w00t w00t

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tyson123 tyson123
3/6/2011 10:49 PM

Thats sooooooo tru but mine a lifetime warrentee and a brand new like 2 weeks old im supprised they evan had them cause there the old model

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