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IrIdEbMxDiDuKnOw IrIdEbMxDiDuKnOw
10/7/2008 1:21 AM

hey i just heard a rumour that city skate in adelaide is getting pissed off and im thinking omfg coz then flagstaff hills park and all the others would be the only ones right

its the hardest thing to do(make a bmx part that will never brake) but if you got warranty throw it kick it bend it brake it but dont customize it warranty is there for a reason so u can get free things if it brakes

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tyler_u tyler_u
10/7/2008 1:24 AM

wats annoyin them?

live fast, ride faster

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radelaide reppo radelaide reppo
3/10/2009 11:01 PM
tyler_u wrote:

wats annoyin them?

lol know i ment like its gettin ripped down and they building a hospital there


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