21' s3.5 for sale 160+sh

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8/21/2009 12:40 PM

like title says , i have a s3.5 i am selling for 160 in near perfect condition other then some shoe smugges on frame. so roughly 200 dollars is total amount .


8/21/2009 12:49 PM



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8/21/2009 1:14 PM

damn man i thought you got rid of this......hope you still have this by the time i get my money



8/22/2009 4:11 PM

yooo send me sum pics and r u close to hacketts town skatepark??? maybee we can meet up


8/23/2009 7:59 AM

i am like 2 hours away from hacketts town park


8/24/2009 6:40 AM

ight well im headin out thea dis weekend lemme noe wuts good send me pics n ya # to blazindaj@yahoo.com