Best tt length for tech street?

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12/6/2013 10:41 PM

Hey guys I need to know the best tt length for me .I love to spin and recently found out its harder to spin on longer frames im5,9 and I ride a 20.75 right now I thought I neede a bigger frame because I always hit my knee trying to learn to barspin but now I see stevie churchill doing it with a 20.5 tt frame should I get my fit wifi in what size tt



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12/6/2013 10:53 PM

get a 19.75


12/7/2013 9:34 AM

I think this is in the wrong section but if you want a smaller frame I'll sell u a mint 20.5 fit s3.5 with og black paint


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12/7/2013 1:18 PM

Im 5,6 and i have a 20,5. Smaller would be too unstable. I guess 20,5 for a 5,9 dude is abit small... Maybe you should try a 20,66 tt?


12/7/2013 1:19 PM

A short cs will help too if you want to spin fast


12/7/2013 5:24 PM

stevie rides a 20.6 and the steeper head tube angles like on the churchill frame and the wifi will make the tt feel longer. so if youre on a 20.75 now with a 75 ht angle if you switch to a 20.5 with a 75.5 ht it will probably feel relatively similar.


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