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2/12/2014 10:05 PM

Haven't been on here in a while and wasn't sure where to post this, Anyways,I tried to get back into riding recently after being off a bike for 2 years and bought a custom off a friend that I really don't have the time to ride right now and was looking to sell it. Only problem is I'm not too sure what to even ask for it because I bought it because I knew most of the stuff on it was pretty good quality and it was cheap. So basically I'd like to get a general idea of what I should ask for it and if it'd be better just to part out,
Parts List:
Frame:The Take Ivy V1, its been painted purple
Forks: purple rain directors
Bars: We The People OD with subrosa grips and barends
Stem: Hoffman uber
Headset: FSA impact
Seat: éclat plastic
Post: not too sure haven't looked, and an odyssey seatclamp
Sprocket: Tree Spline Drive 30t
Cranks: Chrome Profiles, The stamp says profile racing so im not sure which version these are
Chain: kmc kool
Tires: Streetblocks, 2.25 front, 2.15 rear
Wheels:Chrome Odyssey Hazard lite v3 rear 9t, and a bronze proper complete front

As far as pictures go I'm working on getting them on here as fast as I can but for the time being here's my friends old bike check which has this bike in it with a few different parts.,27/MEGA-CHECK,1249281


2/12/2014 10:35 PM

not quite sure on price, but you will definitely make more on part outs


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