Bmx Parts- Cheap!

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5/29/2014 10:37 PM

Well guys I got a few parts that just are not used to much so im going to sell them. All prices are NOT including shipping. And please, I look at this form alot and I dont want to deal with kids. So please if your under 10 buy other peoples things. Sales will be through paypal and you can send it through goods or watever I will just add the 3% to the prices. Thank you I will be shipping through california....Now on to the parts lol

Front wheel: (45$)Alienation Deviant laced to a sealed bearing hub(has no name on it) and it has red Profile 17mm bolts...Has some hop..Does not come with tire

Back wheel: (70$) Odessey V3 cassette laced to Man O War double wall rim. I put a dope energy sticker on it when I laced it. Cassette makes a noise sometimes but 100% works just havent took it apart to see whats up.


Fork(55$) DK R/T forks. Lightest forks ever and they have a 30$ Promax stem lock. The cool thing about a stem lock is if ever you snap your fork tube the stem lock will hold it all together and you wont fall.

Bars (35$) Primo Samsquches in 8.00 rise uncut

My phone number is willing to do trades thank youPhoto


Bike Shop Employed
5107766739 is my #