Brakes, Bars, and more parts FS

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10/19/2013 7:50 PM

First off I don't post here very much so you can email me for a faster response I have some refs on here and a handful on Thanks!

Looking to get rid of some of these extra parts I have. I don't have pictures just yet but I'm going to get them after work tomorrow. Prices do not include shipping. I am willing to drop the price with bundles, and I will consider trades for cool shit(tires, stems, seats)

Odyssey Springfield brake set(Brakes/Lever) W/Quik Slic cable
Ran them for less than a month $35

Brand new Hoffman Buxom bars in purple
Got these for a spare bike a long time ago, don't need them $15

Unknown 8x28 handle bars
Don't know much about these, they were on my bike that was stolen when I got it back, they aren't the original slams that were on it. They are black but are all scratched up. The person said they are Sky Highs but I don't know. Don't appear to be bent or cracked $20

Powerbite arms 175mm polished
they both have wobble in the bosses, but I think you can tighten them or JB weld them. $25 for the pair

Cult Dehart tire/Demo Momentum tire
The cult is a tan wall but I spray painted them black. Demo is a black. Both are pretty used but still have some life as spares? $15

Cult Vans grips w/flanges
pretty used I can throw them in with something else otherwise $5(shipped)

SOMA 456 track bars 44cm chrome w/black tape
Bough these for a fixed gear I had. Ran for a few months no crashes or bends. $25

I think that's it but when I dig up everything for photos tomorrow I'll check for other goods.