Complete bike 450obo

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11/8/2015 11:37 AM

Awesome bike! Just built if dont really ride it much.
Looking for 450 plush shipping. Will do 400 plus shipping within the next few days. Lmk!
Parts List:
Federal Stevie Churchill Frame (21" long top tube / matte raw color)
Eclat Integrated Headset (blue)
Alienation NYC Bars ( 8.75 rise / Chrome color)
Subrosa Top Load Stem (black)
Animal Barrett Fork (chrome)
BSD Substance Cranks (chrome)
Demolition Pedals (black)
Cinema VX LHD Cassett Wheel (black)
Primo N4FL Front Wheel (black)
Daily Grind Guarded Sprocket (black)
Cult Half Link Chain (silver)
Daily Grind Back Hub Guards (black)
Primo Front Hub Guards (black)
Eclat Seat Post with Shadow Seat (both black)
3 Demolition Dumbchuck Pegs With Plastic Sleeves and One STLN MOB Metal Peg (all black)





Dream - Trans red BTM 8============================================>