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8/23/2013 4:49 AM

Hey guys, need help. Anyone know what kind of Eastern this is? Is it worth spending any money on? Thanks. Photo


8/23/2013 5:36 AM

Not unless it is less than 100 bucks. 1 piece cranks = weak, unsealed bearings = lots of maintenance.

Try to save for a complete that has sealed bearings and a tubular 3 piece cranks.


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8/23/2013 6:01 AM

Alright cool. Thanks Dave, I appreciate it.


8/23/2013 6:29 AM

Depending on how much the seller wants, you could always pick it up if the price is right and just change out the crank. Cranks are cake to change and if you can find a slightly used 3 piece, they're not all that expensive either. Just take the bike to your lbs and ask them what type of bb it uses, then get a crank. Everything else looks pretty legit, it's probably someone buying and fixing and selling bikes, it's gotten real popular here in MI, probably just threw in some cranks to get rid of the bike.