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6/29/2014 10:59 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/2/2014 9:08 AM

See my vital references and 83 more positive references at the bmxmuseum link below in my tag.
Ships out Fed Ex, within 24 hours of purchase. Sometimes it will get to you the next day via fed ex, sometimes it's two days.
Firm on price. Text me at 512779sixzero8four for paypal info.

Eclat Tibia 2pc Crank 22mm spindle Arms are 175
Issues - (Non-issues) Full disclosure. Black pedals are stuck. At least since I don't have a vice or an adequate tool set to get them off. Someone with the gear or skills could get them out. Cult PC look pretty new. Spindle bolt is wedged in by a slight crimp on the arm hole. The bolt spins freely within the hole. I don't want to remove it because they mount and dismount the spindle just fine and if I get it out, and cant' get it back in, I'll be up the creek. Otherwise these are fine. Heat treated chromoly, 9/16. LHD or RHD. Sprocket bolt included and it spins fine. All the spacers and cone washer are included they just didn't make it into the pic. These are ready to go.

$80 shipped
Accessories -

Grips - 2 pairs with plugs in like new condition - $16 shipped
Sunday Garrett Reeves w/ matching plugs.
CULT grips with matching plugs.

Sprocket - $ 21 shipped
Season 28T Polished. Teeth are great, finish is stunning.

Pegs -
Cult Butter 14mm and 3/8 Pegs. Great shape. - $14 shipped
A 2nd pair both 14mm NOT PICTURED with less scratches than these in the photo. $16 shipped

Bars- $24 shipped
Sunday Color Bars - 41 Thermal Heat treated chromoly - Latte Brown Color - Original decals.

Stem - $24 shipped
Profile Racing - Profile 40 stem 53mm reach. Excellent condition. Black.

Pedals - 2 pairs for $16 shipped PENDING SALE IN ANOTHER FORUM
Odyssey Twisted PC - Safety Orange Soda - Like New - Strawberry Translucent - NEW both 9/16

Odyssey Hazard Rear Hub - $27 shipped
Sealed Bearing - 48H - NEW never built.

Rear Wheel is $110 shipped by itself. Add some more items below and we can work a deal to lower the wheel price a little bit.SOLD SOLD SOLD

Recently rebuilt by Empire BMX SOLD SOLD SOLD
New Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim
New Stainless Steel Primo Spokes with Brass Nipples
Used Eclat Sealed tech Hub Female Axle with 9T Driver - Spins like Butter
Used Eclat Non-drive side Hub Guard
True, laced tight, recently rebuilt by Empire. Good to go.

Need tires or a tire for that rear wheel purchase? I only offer tires for sale online that have great tread. I sell off crappy tread tires in lots locally so buyers can see what they are getting.
I have:
1 pair of animal GLH Black.
1 single aitken Black. - about 4 miles on it. Like new
1 Machete Black. - about 4 miles on it. Like new.

Add a tire for 13 dollars to the price of the rear wheel. Add 3 more dollars for an inner tube.

S&M XLT Race Stem $36 shipped SOLD SOLD SOLD
(90% sure it's the long 57mm reach) Text me for a new pic with measuring tape.


6/30/2014 9:49 AM

I am definitely gonna have that front wheel haha (i'm the one who spoke for the wheel.)

I'd get the rear wheel too if people paid me on time... haha



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6/30/2014 1:45 PM

What you have is the eclat teck hubset


I'm on the vital legit list!

6/30/2014 5:53 PM
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6/30/2014 9:01 PM

New parts added with pics and prices. Text me at 512seven79six08four to verify each item is still available, to combine for shipping, but I'm pretty fair on the pricing so if you're just getting one item, let's stick with the game plan above.


6/30/2014 10:05 PM

how much for tbe rear hub shipped


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6/30/2014 10:08 PM

Hazard hub is 27 shipped by itself. USPS flat rate.


7/1/2014 12:25 PM

Both wheels and XLT stem are sold.


7/1/2014 8:30 PM

Legit seller too


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7/2/2014 9:06 AM

Everything that sold has been labeled as sold... I broke up the LOT and updated it with individual prices. Text me to combine several items for discounts (combine for shipping discount).