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10/31/2013 7:17 PM

Black RHD 9t. Has baby grindage on non drive side but the aren't gouges they are just paint scrap off. Pics make it look a lot worse the it is because of flash.
Trade for KHE Astern RHD 9t Bronze coaster.

 photo null_zpse91affd0.jpg
 photo null_zps7c76dcdc.jpg
 photo null_zps7c76dcdc.jpg


]Refs- Dirt Nasty, RideBmxWithSWAG, FOUR, Ron44ald, TCbmx(x2), Manny5569, JMIES419, aw1234512(x2), the balt, Spikez5(x2), ecuadevil(x2), Showtime402, RiverSideRider


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10/31/2013 11:04 PM

How much you selling for contact me at 4078791677 i am willing to buy lmk