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8/5/2008 11:49 AM

Black Fit S1 Frame. Has some stickers . Only used once. I can email pictures if needed.

40 dollars is the deal. No dents or scratches. Only accepting payments through paypal


8/5/2008 12:02 PM



8/5/2008 1:45 PM


8/6/2008 7:37 PM


my email is demonboy6991@aol.com. my aim is demonboy6991

8/10/2008 11:49 PM

xbox 360 for it??


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8/11/2008 3:38 PM

how bout 30?????


my email is demonboy6991@aol.com. my aim is demonboy6991

8/11/2008 3:53 PM

email me pics at long7389@yahoo.com
or text me pics at (619)-733-8910


8/11/2008 5:38 PM

fits suck only mine is good dont buy it


8/11/2008 8:14 PM

CAn i get some specs on it?


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8/11/2008 10:20 PM

ill buy it right now.

wwill u do trades too??



8/11/2008 10:22 PM

u forgot u had a frame


Out tha game

fork 4 sale odssey classic dirt

8/17/2008 6:35 PM

pics are coming soon i will do trades just tell me what


8/17/2008 7:36 PM

hey email me some pics please and some details about the frame

or my aim is bkrdude68



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8/17/2008 7:59 PM

My email is guitar_frk@yahoo.com
im very interested send me pics



8/17/2008 8:12 PM

what is the weight???


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