I need a euro BB or cranks

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3/27/2009 9:50 AM

I need a euro bottom bracket (just bearings, cups and middle spacer). Has to be 20mm though! Unless someone can sell me good used cranks with a 19mm spindle (and175mm arms) at a good price.


3/27/2009 2:46 PM

haha dude i have one!

euro bb w/ 20mm spindle hole.


3/30/2009 1:33 PM



3/30/2009 2:18 PM



3/30/2009 2:29 PM

I messeged you. I don't know how it works tho. But how much you want??


3/30/2009 6:44 PM

eastern stealths with bb like new 70 shipped?


3/30/2009 9:27 PM

Just decided to say f-it and placed the order thru a shop. Gonna cost a pretty penny unfortunatly tho since they're special ordered.

...And to nikpeterson: I would if I had that much, but my budget is only like $45 dude.