ISO: Gold Zinc 20.75 S&M LTF frame and 2010 era parts

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6/28/2020 10:53 PM

I’m in search of a Gold Zinc S&M LTF frame in 20.75” TT but might consider a 21”. I know this is a long shot but I had this frame 10 years ago when I was into riding as a teen. Also looking for some other parts from the 2010 era such as a Real Tree Camo S&M Redneck XLT stem and Sprocket, 20” Chrome Odyssey Midway rim walls, a Volume Pivitol seat, 20” anodized Turquoise Fly rim walls with the holes in the middle, and various other parts. Also a Fit Aitken s3 frame in Pistachio Green same TT as above. I know most of these parts are a complete long shot. Let me know what you have for sale. Are KHE and Intense tires still popular or a thing of the past? PayPal ready or local pickup in Las Vegas, NV. A fellow rider looking to relive the good old days. Hard to purchase things here because it’s mainly a bunch of young kids with poor communication skills and no details. Let me know!


6/29/2020 4:33 AM

I had a black LTF back in ‘08?, maybe? Was such a sketchy frame haha. Tiny seat stay and chain stay tubing. Thing was super responsive on street riding, though.

I still have my LAF, though.


2007 S&M LAF

6/29/2020 6:05 PM

I have a black LTF, originally raw. I always wanted the zinc one though. Hope you find one!


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