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6/18/2013 8:08 AM

United 25 tooth sprocket, black. Only works with 19mm spindles. 10 + shipping

Stolen rhd 9 tooth semi sealed hub, black. Offer

Odyssey slim by four pads, red. Slightly used.

Shadow interlock v2 bits. There's about 2 feet of chain. Not enough for a full chain but if you have some bits, add these to them.

MAYBE - Odyssey Springfield brakes and lever.

Dead island riptide Xbox 360. Played about 4 times.

Amber Front load stem, black. Has scratch by clamping area.

Stock united front wheel. Sealed hub / double wall rim. Spokes need tightened.

Cult vand grips.p, white. Pretty beat. Just pay for shipping.

Will sell some stickers I have.

Amber forks, black. Left drop out is kinda beat.

More amber forks. Steerer tube doesn't like some headset spacers. Also black

Odyssey slic cable. Black

Shadow linear cable. (ONLY IF BRAKES SELL)

Stolen big boy? Bars. Bent slightly, then bent back, black

Haro PC pedals with metal pin mod. Black with grey metal pins. Drilled on both sides, pins on one side.

iPhone 4/4s bumper. Offer.

Have more. Just ask. My phone is also fucked, that's why I need money. So I'll post pictures when I can or you can just text me and I'll get you a pic.


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6/18/2013 1:01 PM

Answer your phone.


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6/18/2013 6:07 PM



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6/20/2013 4:28 PM



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6/22/2013 2:16 PM

would you trade the black amber stem for a Ipod Shuffle 4th Gen 2GB Silver?


6/22/2013 2:20 PM

what kind of stickers do you have


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