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9/2/2013 3:59 PM



this is a feeler on selling my bike. i would like to get about $800 for it. i thinks its a very realistic price for the parts i have in it

mutiny glam V2 bars
odyssey m2 lever medium
odi longneck grips
primo aneyelator V2 stem
snafu mobeus gyro
Diabolic Titanium barrel adjusters(4)
primo headset
Volum Drifter frame 21.1
odyssey R25 forks
animal MK5 pegs
front wheel- profile ss mini w/ti bolts laced to a odyssey quadrant with maxxis grifter 2.1 tire
profile racing slim seat w/ diabolic Titanium bolt
kink stump post
profile GDH cranks( no bosses) w/ diabolic titanium GDH bolts
tree spline drive 25T sprocket
oyssey PC pedals
Odyssey evo 2 brakes
rear wheel- profile ss mini with GDH axle lace to a odyssey hazard lite rim with maxxis grifter 1.95 tire