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MrHavoc1988 MrHavoc1988
5/30/2013 10:21 PM

NO bigger than 8.5x29 and no smaller than 8.25x28. Uncut. Not beat to shit. Don't really care about the brand and would like original decals. I get paid next Thursday (6-1-13) so you have till then to get me interested.

Start the offers bitches!

Ref(s): Funky chicken, hookjrclc (x3), Genesis, shanecorkery123, Marco_Gonzalez (x2), Jaekass, Adam1234, motogrizz, xlilkillaluc15x, bdk1313, 3514eclat, Warchol2, Tomdon (x3), SnM Animal, Zachhendrix, Madriestra, TCbmx, bikect, YahBoyDarlin (x3), netty-speghetti, Mattix, Icant180, KRbmx17, SuperStarDK, The Horror Contact, Hatebreeder, iCantRide

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