LF Fork, bb, sprocket, and cranks

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6/6/2019 5:42 AM

Lf cheap fork, sprocket, and cranks/bb.
-Any shorter offset fork
-black cranks 165 or 160
- black 25t sprocket
If anyone can give me a good combo deal that would be appreciated!


6/6/2019 7:54 AM

I have a Cult Sect V2 fork (28mm offset) and I also have a black WTP Supreme 25t sprocket. Text me at 936 777 1331 if you're interested. Or just message me on Instagram @jake_peterson_z71


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6/6/2019 12:52 PM

I have a variety of each. Check my thread


Refs : SnM An1mal, GThompson121, Chuck8273, blizzbikes, bmxsteve99, kevin.brock.338, zinum, Brian_Griffin, billyhandyjunior, riverM, tomdon
Instagram : @timhankinsbmx

6/7/2019 12:11 PM

I have eclat spire cranks 160mm