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3/18/2015 9:14 PM

I'm in search of a new Frame. Idc exactly what size. 20" 24" 26". But if it's a 20 I'm looking for anything 21.1 and longer. I'm 6'4" so I need to be comfy. Rear end doesn't matter all that much but nothing longer than 14.8. And my budget is like .... 125??? may go higher. Hook me up guys!


3/19/2015 12:08 PM

21.1 Volume Drifter v2 in Matte Platinum Blue only 1month old and only rode maybe 10 times $200 shipped


Refs : SnM An1mal, GThompson121, Chuck8273, blizzbikes, bmxsteve99, kevin.brock.338, zinum, Brian_Griffin, billyhandyjunior, riverM, tomdon
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3/20/2015 9:53 AM

21" gt la chiva. Id do $125 if youre not too far away. 3 small dents on chainstay but you dont notice them unless youre under the frame.