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bmx4life121303 bmx4life121303
4/17/2013 7:46 PM

looking for a tmobile smart phone has to be in good shape and no water damage have cash and parts to trade

refs- abod, dave805, spikez5, blizzbikes, element4all, harof2, funkychicken, zznelsonzz, hardbmx_tim, agcrx

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jonathan.vargas.39545 jonathan.vargas.39545
4/18/2013 1:27 PM

White Galaxy s2?

Refs- Dream

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JoshP21 JoshP21
4/19/2013 8:56 AM

I have a phone i would sell you but it is just a sliding phone nothing special it is unlocked so you can use it for any phone company. 30 bucks shipped

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