LF cheap coaster and frame swap

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7/22/2015 7:09 PM

I have a Kink Liberty frame that I'm willing to trade for a frame with removable brake mounts, preferably raw or chrome, but I'm open to other colors too.
20.85 tt
8.5 st
75* ht
13.17 cs
Will send pictures, I can't upload the pics to my laptop for some reason.

I am also looking for a decently cheap FC hub, preferably LHD, but I'm not too picky. can't pay more than 70 or so.



I haven't rode in forever so I suck and I have 2 Hondas. Follow me on Instagram @softtop2k.417

7/29/2015 2:43 PM

Have a 21 inch fiend embryo in embryo red and a Hoffman Nama 20.75 black if you'd be interested