LF fork bolt

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3/30/2016 5:19 PM

I'm looking for an h18 headset cap of fork bolt. It's to go on my old Odyssey 41 thermal dirt forks. A tree one would be awesome. I'm having a hard time finding any at this point.


4/1/2016 7:45 PM

I Have a red tree one.


4/1/2016 7:56 PM

Nice how much shipped to 40437


4/1/2016 8:06 PM

Let me check into all that and get back with you tomorrow. Im tired af atm lol


4/3/2016 6:27 AM

Figure anything out I need this bolt lol


4/3/2016 10:47 AM

Try ebay you might save on shipping you will get free shipping. I will also check for you