Lf Fork,Fat Seat,Front Hub,Freecoaster LHD

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9/24/2015 12:53 AM

Title says all lookin for a fork perferably black and 28 or less offset(R25,Stream),And fat seat,A Good Front hub ,and a lhd freecoaster im paypal ready



Refs:Mike-E -Profile minis, 7ka , and seatpost


9/24/2015 8:07 AM

I've got a profile totem front hub

Black, 36h,

Pics in here: http://m.vitalbmx.com/forums/BMX-Stuff-For-Sale,17/hubs-stems-and-misc-parts,1304090

Feel free to make an offer if you're interested


Refs: Shadow.Conspiracy

9/24/2015 6:11 PM

purple tree front hub? if youre interested 8607162106



9/24/2015 7:11 PM

What style of seat are you looking for? Tripod, pivotal, combo?


IG: therealclintvessey

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