Little Devil valve caps

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4/26/2013 3:27 PM

Hey there, I got some Little Devil valve caps up for sale. I'll post a picture if anyones interested!



4/26/2013 6:35 PM

I want, let me see the pics


4/26/2013 7:37 PM

Damn. I want them bad.


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4/27/2013 10:13 AM

Heres a pic.



4/27/2013 10:55 AM

Sold, what's your pay pal?


4/28/2013 12:29 AM

damn it would suck if i don't get em i asked for these as soon as he posted through personal message. anyhow this is my last attempt, text me 917 864 8234 pp ready.


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4/28/2013 4:01 AM

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