Looking for Hazzard lite rims

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8/9/2015 6:40 PM

3 Odyssey Hazzard Lite rims, 36h, chrome if possible

Also looking for:

* 3 American Bottom brackets.

* Fit Alluminum railed seatpost (2 if possible).

* Fit brown ECCD railed seat

* PRIMO Gorilla Red Cup (with sealed bearing if possible )

* Chris King Headset 1-1/8.

* Odyssey 99er Seat (Blue if possible).

* S&M 3/8 Pitchfork (Not tapered).

* 72 titanium spokes

* FBM protect ya neck stem (black, blue, or silver). With gyro plate.

* Last generation Standard byke Fork.

* Last generation 175mm RHD/LHD compatible Solid crankset for 22mm spindle (black if possible).

* Oldschool Profile SS hubs, 36h, rear shell if possible.

* Profile GDH titanium rear axle.

* Profile GDH titanium spindle.

* Last generation Profile cranks, 175mm and RHD/LHD (black or raw if possible).

* 1st generation Fly brake (silver if possible).

* Eastern silver barends or gripstops.

* Profile dog collar barends - silver.

* S&M old threadless 1-1/8 Redneck stem.


8/9/2015 10:16 PM

better chance of finding most of this stuff on the bmx museum man... mostly modern stuff here.


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8/10/2015 4:14 AM

What are considered last generation Profile cranks?



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8/10/2015 7:03 PM

I have a chrome hazard lite 35 shipped


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