NEED CRANKS... have cash and trades

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7/17/2013 1:08 PM

I have about $60 cash, and trades. Offer up.
No stock shit, no fly, preferably no profiles. (but if thats all I can get,.ill take em)

Offer up.
Lhd preferred


Bought from: Tito24, tinybikerider33 (x2), RideBikesYoo, hookjrclc, MrHavoc1988, ScramHype, BigOleMonster
Sold to: Jared42069 (x2), Sancheezz, blueep3piece, Marco_Gonzalez, Riverside Rider, HardBMX_Tim
Traded: tomdon
Hooked me up: zachhendrix, oscar7588

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