NS Street Cruiser...Liquid Feedback

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4/20/2015 8:35 AM

2010 Liquid Feedback 24. 22.5 top tube version.

Ive got two bikes now and thats 1 too many for me. Ill keep this simple as this bikes been all over this forum so you guys have probably seen it. Ill put the link to it that has the details.

Ive owned this bike for quite a while and she has never been abused, no street grinding no park riding...just cruising. There is no damage to the frame or any of the parts. Alot of the parts are virtually brand new and have maybe a ride on them. I just built my Mosh and have been riding that primarily and my sons stuck in 20" land so he doesnt ride it either. The frame is spray painted by me but certainly not a crap job. The frame was stripped down to raw before the paint went on so its not a half assed job. I dont ride ugly bikes. I take very good care of my bikes and build them up right.

Looking for $560.00 shipped lower 48 but you can offer more. Paypal only. $500 FOR PICK UP!



1. This is not a dibs sale and I reserve the right to sell to whomever I choose.
2. Please PM me all questions, offers or purchase inquiries. Once an agreement is reached I will provide my PayPal address.
3. If you don't like my price feel free to PM me an offer.
4. I think I have included enough pictures to accurately judge the condition but if you want any more specific pictures let me know and I will do my best to get them to you ASAP

And, since I lowered the price....Im keeping my Demolition pedals. lol Ill send a set of pedals with it to you but they wont be these.




4/20/2015 12:10 PM