Need Advice for Selling a Used Bike

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10/3/2016 3:17 PM

Hello. I just joined this to ask this one question, sorry. I need some direction in selling a used bike on craigslist. I don't want to get too ripped off or expect to get more than it's worth, but I don't ride. I have a SE Limited Edition OM Flyer Wood Grain. It's my ex's who didn't take it in the divorce so it's legally mine to sell. I know he spent upwards of $750 for it back in maybe 2010.

I can't offer much of a description except it has 2 flat tires, some paint chips - I basically have no other info to offer to the buyer. Last I knew there was nothing wrong with it he just put it away to switch it out for his other bike. I was offered $200 for it then someone said $300 but they haven't responded (I thought I should settle for $300). I had someone offer me $40. I said no and he said "to be honest it's a really expensive bike." So I know I can get ripped off but was hoping someone can offer some words of wisdom for me. Thanks


10/3/2016 5:48 PM

Looks like someone sold theirs for around $550 on a different forum. Honestly if you spent the money and put new tubes in it it would sell for more. Its a cheap fix and any bike shop shop should be able to do it for you if you dont know how. Hope this helped.


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10/5/2016 10:33 AM

Give your ex his bike back... I'm sure in your marriage he gave you more then what the bike is worth..
Nothing worse then a bitch trying to sell a mans bike


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10/5/2016 11:13 AM

Brian_Griffin wrote:

Give your ex his bike back... I'm sure in your marriage he gave you more then what the bike is worth..
Nothing worse then a ...more

You can't really do anything more than speculate. For all we know he was a terrible douche canoe and beat her, in which case he would deserve the worst things in life to happen to him.

But since we don't know, and clearly it's been some time, she can do what she pleases. Who are you to judge?

Regardless, a fair price with tires holding air would be the 300-350 marker. I would consider bringing it to a shop for a quick tune up so it rolls well.

Worst case you have a rad bike to ride, or you hang onto it for spring when more people will be looking for bikes.


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10/6/2016 3:03 AM

Thanks guys. I only mention the ex part as to clear up why I'm selling a bike I know nothing about -- that it's not stolen. I'm in Philly and I was told there is a lot of bike theft here. He packed up his things and moved to the other end of the country where old people go to die and he didn't take it, he's dumb.