Odyssey Fluro Yellow Wombolts/Twombolts

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7/18/2011 12:37 PM

Hey All,

Just signed up to this site in hope I could get my hands on these Odyssey Cranks.
As title suggests, must be Fluro Yellow and RHD.
Post to the UK, pay by PayPal, cash waiting.


7/18/2011 1:12 PM


RHD Fluro yellow 175mm in stock and I believe they ship to the UK as well. Good luck finding them in that color otherwise. I am actually surprised they even have them.


Refs! // jb07, AyoBmx, Dirt Nasty, ecuadevil, spikez5, JakeSalbert, TCbmx

7/18/2011 1:18 PM

Much appreciated JMIES419 I will look into that right away.