Premium Stinger LHD 9 tooth 36 hole.

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11/12/2013 2:28 AM

I want to sell this new hub because i want a freecoaster or i will trade it for a freecoaster,but if i trade it has to be a good trade.Photo


11/12/2013 7:42 AM

Madera rhd 9t 1 month old


11/12/2013 7:57 AM

read descrptn


11/12/2013 8:08 AM

how much are you asking?



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11/12/2013 10:22 AM



11/12/2013 9:15 PM

_reyesbmx_ wrote:


$190 shipped?! That's still too much even brand new...


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11/12/2013 11:19 PM

190 shipped wont go lower it cost 210 new


11/13/2013 4:53 AM

You wont get 190$ even if its brand new. Cause you could find discount codes & but it out of dans for that much. You wouldnt get 190$ anywhere tbh.


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