S&M/Profile Dream build-

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12/29/2016 12:53 AM

Just lost my job, so I'm considering selling my dream bike.

S&M LTF 20.8"
S&M Slam XLT Bars
S&M Pitchfork XLT-T
S&M Long Johnson/ Coxie Director Seat
S&M Lil Redneck Stem
Front Wheelset:
Profile Mini 3/8- Alienation Deviant- Aaron Ross Klyte- TSC Red 14G
Rear Wheelset-
Profile SS Mini Cassette 9t- Alienation Skylark- Aaron Ross Klyte- TSC Red 14G
Profile Racing Titanium Imperial 25t Sproket
Profile Racing 170mm cranks, titanium spindle
TSC Interlock 1/8" Red
Odyssey JC PC pedals
ODI Grips

I might be missing a couple odds and ends but that sums up the build. Fairly top notch stuff. Bike Weighs in at 20.7lbs. I barely rode it, don't know how to grind, and I'm not brave enough to do big gaps or anything abusive. The frame and forks are raw, so any cracks would be obvious, and there aren't any. Link to my build thread:

Coping with Having your dream bike stolen


I'm looking for something like $800. What do you guys think? Too low, too high?