*** SCAMMER **** Volume001 *********

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3/17/2010 4:07 PM

Said by fitbikes562

"ohk well the fit eddie compelte was mines he traded me a fujitsu laptop and it was a good done deal...about 3 days later he tells me he got the wrong laptop and that he gave me his gf nd that he is going to get introuble if he doesnt show his gf dad the laptop for trust he gave me some "real" diamonds, a broken nixon watch, a gold swatch, and some gold earrings...using that as collateral he said he will come back within 30 minutes and he never did! he talked to me for about 3 days but since like 2 days ago he stopped replying to my texts! and that he said hell buy his gf laptop back for $700 so i wud give him his stuff bak and he wud give me $700
but if he doesnt want to give me the $700 can give me something else!!!! like a fixed gear, another laptop, or my freakin bmx bike back!
if anybody gets a hold of him hit me up lozanodude562950@yahoo.com"


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