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10/7/2015 7:47 PM

Paycheck was a bit smaller than expected, need a little bit of money for my road trip on Friday.

$55 shipped for
Gsport Birdcage anodized blue
Odyssey M2 SMALL lever
Odyssey GTX sealed gyro detangler
Odyssey M2 440mm upper cables
Odyssey slic lower cables to an Odyssey London Mod

ALSO willing to sell my other brake set up. $65 shipped, $90 shipped with Birdcage
Kink Restrain lever 9/10 blue
Kink Desist U-brake 9.5/10 blue with clear Koolstop Supra2 pads
Kink DX cable black brand new in package

$110 shipped for EVERYTHING in this post.

Contact me @ 3145605050 or for a faster response.


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Instagram : @timhankinsbmx