Spacers FML. WTB..

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3/25/2012 9:12 PM

Alright got new forks not enough spacers, AND I lost my crank spacers.

I need a decent amount of 1 1/8" headset spacers
And a decent amount of 19mm crank spacers/Euro bb cup spacer.

Not looking to spend a ton I have 6$ PP and I know this can be shipped in a letter if spaced and lined with cardboard I've done it.
It would be awesome if I could just pay someone shipping otherwise let me know..


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3/25/2012 10:02 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/25/2012 10:03 PM

Man, if i had some i'd give em to ya for free, but i reckon i have some bb spacers dont know what size, all different sizes...



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