Sunday Funday sticker packs and ocean blue, white or fluorescent yellow Sunday/Odyssey parts.

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6/12/2011 5:35 PM

I am looking for some Sunday Funday sticker packs. I have a ocean blue Funday frame that I would like to replace the stickers on and the sticker pack from Sunday is out of stock with no availability date. If you have ANY Sunday sticker packs please let me know. I can pay with paypal asap if you have a set I can work with.

Also, I am looking for some ocean blue or fluorescent yellow parts as well. Sunday or Odyssey forks or bars, pedals, grips, rims, cranks, ect. I can pay for these parts as well with paypal if you have what I am looking for and the items are in good shape. I have some stuff I am probably going to be putting up for sale/trade soon that I would also be able to offer up for parts. I have some animal bars (gold color) that are like new, some Odyssey hazard lite triple wall rims with Vandero 2 hubs (wheels are chrome) that I am probably going to try to trade for a similar setup in either white/ocean blue or fluorescent yellow. I have some black Sunday forks that I could possibly trade for some Sunday ocean blue, white or fluorescent yellow...some animal pedals as well (gold color).

Let me know what you have. Thanks!


6/12/2011 5:36 PM

I have some black Primo cranks as well that I would probably trade for something similar in one of the colors listed above. I think they are hollowbite cranks, I will check on that if anyone is interested.


6/14/2011 12:05 PM

Btttt, anyone?


6/14/2011 2:07 PM

hazards are double wallbro...


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6/14/2011 3:10 PM