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11/15/2013 12:22 PM

Welcome to the internet, where you don't know who is who and who doesn't know or care about you. There are hundreds of people that look at your FS/FT/WTB posts and not all of them are legitimate. Some people are here solely for an easy scam. If we can be smart and follow these steps, we may not be able to stop the scam, but we can slow it down and prevent it in some cases.
1. ALWAYS check refs, if they have a lot of good refs you should be able to trust them and be less secure in the deal, however, having good refs doesn't mean they won't scam you, it means they haven't scammed people before. If they have bad refs, its probably best to just avoid them. If they have NO refs, its up to you to decide if they seem truthful and legit. And if you do decide to deal with them, use as many precautions as possible. And please, leave refs after dealing with anybody. Good or bad. It will help others out in the future.

2. Always use PayPal, this way in case of being scammed youll have a chance at retrieving your money. Do NOT send "gift payments" this is no different than sending a wad of cash in the mail. You will not get your money back from a gift payment. Do NOT give your credit/debit card information directly to anyone! PayPal is a safe middleman for this that will prevent anyone from seeing your information.

3. If you meet up, meet in a public place, with other people. If you meet up at an empty park with no one there, its obvious the person could easily inflict harm on you or rob you in person.

4. Ask for and give detailed photos and extra information. People deserve to see every scratch, dent, crack, and flaw of what they're buying. Post pictures of welds, stress points, and other places that are more likely to be damaged. Include receipts and warranty papers of the parts (if your receipt contains more than what's being purchased, make a copy and black out everything else). Provide proof of the part, this would include stickers, engravings, measurements, serial numbers, etc. Also, clean the product before shipping! Nobody wants to recieve a part caked in mud.

5. Shipping. Always use a trusted shipping service such as UPS or USPS and get a tracking number and insurance on the package. Also make sure to properly wrap the product. Its better to spend a few extra bucks then have the package get lost or arrive in pieces.

6. Confirm who you are dealing with. When you get a text or email from someone, ask them to comment on your FS/FT/WTB posts saying something of your choice. For example, if I get a text from (555)123-4567 asking to buy my frame and they claim to be "VitalMember123", I would ask them to comment their area code and last three digits of their phone number on my FS post. I should then get a comment on my post "VitalMember123 : 555 567" and now I know for a fact that the person who texted me is who they claimed to be.

7. Keep proof! Have screenshots of every comment, text, email, PM, etc. between you and the other party. Also have proof of payment and shipment. This will help in case of scam/lost product/lost payment.

8. Be smart. Its easy to overlook things. Take time and patience to evaluate everything. Example: if VitalMember tells me that he shipped my cranks to me and I should be expecting them soon and I realize i never gave him my address, it would make sense to retrieve my item/money and ask him to confirm my address (maybe he got it from an older post or from someone else I've dealt with before. Chances are, that's not the case.)

If you catch anyone trying to scam you, report it. Example: if (111) 222-3333 texts me claiming to be Vitalmember (who's number is 5551234567) than report that number in whichever way possible. Make a thread on here and request it to be stickied, so everyone knows not to reply to that number. Report it to police, what they're doing is VERY illegal.

Also if you have anything to add, comment it and I will edit it into the list.


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11/15/2013 12:38 PM

As far as stickies go, we already have the legit seller/do not buy from thread, but will always be open to anything that will help prevent people from being scammed. It has been a free for all here lately, and obviously something's gotta give. Glad you made this thread. Good info for those who don't know.


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11/15/2013 2:50 PM

I've bought from 3 guys on here on more than one occasion! And for large sums of money. I've never sold anything on here, I can see why I cannot sell anything on here! It's because of trust! I wouldn't trust anyone who didn't show any refs in there sig. But then again how do you really know this guy is out to scam unless you give him a shot ya know?! I got scammed for $155 on here!! I also didn't gift the payment and a few wks went by and I had my money returned to me thankfully. Just my 2 cents gentlemen!


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