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7/4/2014 9:43 AM

Eh it's worth a shot I guess. I have 2 wheels I want to trade for other wheels. I can throw cash in on my end if yours are better. I have a front that's a polished Demolition Bulimia laced to an unknown black double wall rim (looks like a Sun, but not sure 100%. definatly is double walled though) and a rear orange Stolen Roulette (Joytech) laced to a Black Primo Balance. Both are in fairly good condition, rear has a few brake marks on it (I can spray it black again if you want) both are slightly out of true, but not bent. Will have pics up later this afternoon. Prefer Profile or Tree hubs, Sun rims are dope too. And, like I said, if you're wheels are better parts/condition than mine, I'll throw in cash on my end.


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