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bmxkid0898 bmxkid0898
8/18/2013 9:28 AM

Forsale for 400$ or a roadbike

Eastern Grim reaper eternal 20" tt
kink human bars 28.5
colony stem
oddy cs2 forks
demo rouge to animal rs rim in the back (needs a little oil)
coalition to primo hula hoop rim in the front
profile cranks with sputnic chain wheel 177mm (needs a little oil)
oddy gyro with ├ęclat brakes
oddy lever
Cult grips

Extra parts
Kink seat and seat post
profiles (i think)
some random pegs

text 3398329791 for any questions or offers

Feel free to offer whatever
I'm here to get rid of stuff not to become rich


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isnowyaznV2 isnowyaznV2
8/18/2013 10:43 AM

How much to part out the seat? Lowest price shipped?

Latest Bike Check/Update

Bought from: adam1234, tomdon (2), oscarbmx, the balt, smokesmokesmoke

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eric.magana.7 eric.magana.7
8/18/2013 12:16 PM

Lowest on the brakes?

Text me for a faster reponse
7 oh 2 six 1 nine 2 seven 4 nine

Bought from- hookjrclc

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