WANTED..primo strands with brake mounts

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2/12/2010 7:20 PM

I am hoping to trade for a set of primo strands with brake mounts.

Forks I have to trade are:

black eastern hawkeye (new) 3/8
Odyssey race 3/8 (Raw but sprayed with metalcast translucent red paint)
WTP mantis (flatland fork) white, 3/8
Odyssey Dirt fork 14mm (G.I. fork?)

Please send me pics of your strand fork and a description.

If nothing else I will buy them from you. tell me your asking price!


2/12/2010 7:47 PM

damn i just sold a brand new pair!


refs: irideFLY,dave805(x4),meanwun(X2),throwAfit(2),xslickshoeslx,legendsx23,bmxing12,falconsivan(1) secound time scam!etschmall,NOXPLODE/austin.