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12/29/2014 3:47 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/29/2014 3:48 AM

Title says is all. Nothing more than $40 shipped, verde regent chrome 9.25 bars brand new with a code on dans are $42 if you cant beat that for used bars then dont bother.

If bent I will personally roundhouse kick you.

Needs to be taken care of. Anything over 9" rise is acceptable but 9.25 is ideal.


12/29/2014 3:51 AM

If you accept trades to dumb down the price of the bars I have a polished subrosa hold tight tl stem. a polished 28t mutiny boltdrive sprocket. Polished 25t profile bolt drive sprocket. Mission react hub black 9t. Stolen revolver hub white 9t. A raw profile mini front hub with two spoke holes broken off.

I understand I dont have the best/quality parts to offer but the only good parts I have are going into my current build.