WTB: front wheel and forks.

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5/28/2012 5:32 PM

Like title sais. All black please.

i like fit, odyssey, s&m, kink and sunday forks

i like odyssey,profile, bsd, gsport, and shadow hubs

i like gsport, odyssey, and fly rims

like i said i prefer all black. Brands dont have to match what i said above. I just dont want shit. Offer up dudes


Refs: 14
bstick (cranks), Ftkallday (xbox), Brenden1207 (xbox live), Brokenbmx (cranks), jb07 (stem)
TCbmx (hubs), Wolfen (hub), William_Cespedes (cranks), SuperstarDK (wheelset) x2
Blizzbikes (Forks+Freecoaster) k1ng (bars), Spikez5 (chain+sprocket+bb), Evil1_4real (Frame)
J.r._Faw (lotta shit)


5/28/2012 5:39 PM

fit blade lites black & demolition phantom female front hub laced to a rhyno sun lite. hub is white but hoop and spokes are black. $115 shipped for both


I'm a mom that still rides lil kid bikes - old/midschool GT BMX guru
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