WTS some old game consoles.

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7/24/2013 7:47 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/24/2013 7:54 AM

pics will be up asap trust me i put a lot of time into dis thread
PS1 - 30
SNES - 85
XBOX - 60
GAMEBOY COLOR - Pikachu edition - 40
N64 - 65

All of them will come with a few games, controllers, and whatever shit I can find to bundle in. So consider these prices for a package not just the console, I'm associating the price with what I have to throw in. I don't wanna have random shit laying around. I have a decent amount of goodies for most of em though.
The xbox and snes I don't believe have power cords. Might though, I'll make sure I check everything and get pics when I wake up. Might be completely off and they be missing A/V cords.
Xbox has only one or two games, and one controller.
The PS2 is flashed which means essentially free games. I'll further explain if needed.
Quite a bit of shit with the PS1, just not my thing really.

I'm pricing this shit according to what I have for it + original prices on common sites I used for example prices. All shipped prices.

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