WTT 2014 Trek Fuel EX 8 full suspension mountain bike

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5/24/2016 4:32 PM

I want to trade my 2014 Trek fuel ex 8 full suspension mountain bike for a nice Pro Cruiser and micro mini. Located in Topeka KansasPhoto


5/25/2016 1:27 PM

I have a really nice S&M speedwagon cruiser with s&m forks, bars, stem and profile racing parts.

is this a 26inch or a 29er?


5/25/2016 1:43 PM

It's a 26er
What year is your speedwagon and what size is it?


5/25/2016 7:37 PM

agh. sorry man i should have specified. I was only interested in your bike if it was a 29er.

Not sure what year my speed wagon is but it's the trans red one with yellow stickers. it's the shorter of the two sizes.


7/27/2016 3:36 PM

Still up for some trading!


8/9/2016 12:23 PM

I got a complete custom s&m whammo I'd like to trade on bike has all high end parts and is in excellent shape if interested I can give you a complete parts list it's a trans purple 21TTPhoto


8/9/2016 1:23 PM

^^He's looking for race bikes. Not freestyle.


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8/9/2016 1:26 PM

Thanks Dave I was about to post that.


8/14/2016 6:04 PM

Sold the mountain bike so now just looking for a newer pro cruiser.