almost complete hoffman 115

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1/3/2009 8:06 PM

2007 Hoffman rhythm. Includes frame, cranks, sprocket, chain, BB, both wheels, seat clamp, post, and seat, handlebars, grips, fork, and two pegs. (the back pegs in the pic, not the old rusty ones of course ;D) The stem too, but I kind used it too hammer on my fork, but its got dings in the top of it. Can include back brakes and a gyro if you want em but its not hooked up. Bought back in september i think? Used for a bit, but only basic flatland. Heres a pic from when it was brand new:

[img width=600 height=450][/img]

I am trying to sell it to a friend right now, but if he doesnt want it, I think maybe looking for $115?

I would trade for st martin's cranks faster than you could even offer. Color not too important, but preferably black. Still need wheels, pegs, and front brakes too.