any tips on footjam whips?

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5/22/2008 4:03 PM

I can do them just by putting my foot on the other side and jamming it

but i can't do the one where you pop into it.

any tips?


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5/24/2008 7:21 PM

practice foot jams then throw the wip in but hop into it and use ur foot for a couple tries then u should get it. Thats how i learned them


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5/24/2008 7:22 PM

whip it FAST

i always whipped it slow, but yesterday kicked it harder and it spun faster, and im soo close to landing it, just do the jam, then kick the frame around, and catch it


5/24/2008 8:11 PM

lift the back up like a nose manual and put ur foot over the top tube while ur other foot is droppin and kick the frame, push the bars forward and when the frame is half way around pull back on the bars to whip the bike to you