frame cranks tree sprocket tire etc

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6/15/2014 6:27 PM

fly mosca2 chainstay mounts has one dent on rear tri, rear is straight.
needs stripped and painted otherwise solid $65 shipped usa

primo cranks rough but still work all hardware plus spanish bb $36 shipped usa

NEW tree ht v2 black 25t $43 shipped usa

new demolition momentum 2.20 white $18 shipped usa

mediocre at best $8 shipped usa

new 23t purple animal sprocky balboa $19 shipped usa





e-mail me if you want any of it
that e-mail is linked to my iphone so ill catch it immediately
buyer pays paypal fees
usa only
usps shipping with tracking
detailed photos avail upon req

open to trades for original animal top load/animal jumpoff stems, original solid stems, four piece bars maybe other things

toss in offers


6/19/2014 8:33 PM

tire and cranks sold others avail